Wednesday, December 8, 2010


i'm back again.

my blog has been sending me texts, e-mails, beeper pages and calling the police trying to report a missing persons report since september... but alas, here i am.

since i was little, i can remember several different things to fill out, mostly for school or just randomness, asking who your
role model is, who you look up to, or who inspires you to be who and what you are. i always thought it was a strange question. obviously everything around you shapes who you are, whether it be a random act of kindness, something beautiful you see that you wish you could take captive and put in your pocket forever (and hopefully remember to remove when you wash your jeans), or just a small detail about how your mom made your favorite sandwich that you now do to this day. i mean, if i were to accept an award for being alive and needed to acknowledge those who made me who i am, i'd have so many people and things to thank that they would start playing the STFU music and i'd have to cut it short, and wouldn't be anywhere close to thanking everyone who could have made this brilliant being, known as bridget brown, possible.

when it boils down to the bare inspiration and sculpting of who i am... my mother and grandmother introduced me to art straight out of the womb, my brother introduced me to all the great music i might have never heard, my father introduced me to subtle and sarcastic humor that i so religiously practice, and the world introduced me to everything else that is what i is.

point being, don't leave it to the rearing of your childhood to magically create the path to your self/being/future. sometimes, when you are a fresh breed of 26 years old, you need some good people to light a fire under your as
s, so you will get off the back burner and go running so far away from that place you were sitting that was just burning into an oblivion. this illustrates the past three days of my life.

while taking me home the other day, my boyfriend decided to give me a good talking to about just taking photographs of whatever. at the time, i totally tried to argue it, but it stuck with me. and tonight, my good friend al shepard (of blueprint fame) told me that my old blog was good and my writing was good. and i got into a discussion with him about how i admire his will to keep updating.

so, this post is for them. for years i've
just been too scared to put any real feelings or thoughts so out in the open... i second guess what i write, read it over a couple trillion times, delete, edit, eventually post it and reread it at least a few more times. simply put, i'm scared. but what is there to be scared of?

if a grown ass woman can stuff a dead octopus up her lady hole, pop it out, and post it on the internet (as my co-worker so graciously showed me tonight)(it's gross - i urge you not to google it) -- then i can make an update about something real on this stupid blog.

since i'm back in the blog game, i fully intend on blogging some of my random stories, rants from working in a crappy pizza shop, and so much more... stay tuned.

as usual, i cannot leave you, the non-viewer, empty handed. here is an mp3 for you to enjoy!

they are from ohio, so i'm obligated to like at least one of their songs, such as this one:

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